Stornoway Green make a splash at swimming gala

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Seventy two pupils took the plunge in Stornoway swimming pool this week for the Inter Schools Sports Swimming Gala for Primary 5 - 7s.  

Comprising 18 teams the 72 pupils made a splash alongside gala flags, diving blocks and time keepers on an exciting day.

The gala consisted of five events - front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, free style and a team relay. Each team consisted of four pupils and each pupil was assigned a specific discipline where they would compete against individuals from other schools. There were three-heats for each discipline and they ran as follows:

The first event was the first front crawl event, followed by the backstroke, breaststroke and free style. The final event of the morning was the team relay where all four pupils from each team worked together for the fastest time possible.

Pupils could adopt a stroke of their choice for the relay race and this resulted in some very interesting and tight heats.  

Winners in the end were: 1st Stornoway Green, 2nd Stornoway Blue, 3rd Laxdale Whales.

A huge thank you must go to all who helped make the event such a success.