The time is not getting closer, the time is here!

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Time is no longer getting closer as the time is now here – at some point this weekend the St Kilda Swim team will leave the shores of Harris and make their way 60miles into the North Atlantic to land on St Kilda.

Well, that’s the plan at least! I shouldn’t joke though, the whole team has been training hard and as long as the weather stays on our side, we’re confident that we will become the first people to ever swim to the Dual World Heritage Site.

I’ve kept it a little more relaxed in this last week of training, although had a great couple of miles up and down Coll beach with friends last Wednesday.

The jellyfish were still out and I will admit that I jumped and screamed like a girl when I looked up at one stage to see a big blue jelly right in front of my face.

Saturday night was not training but fundraising with the brilliant St Kilda Swim Quiz Night in the Golf Club.

A HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who donated raffle prizes, entered a team, helped out and delivered the questions (thanks Peter!) as the night raised nearly £1,200!

On Monday it was a change of scene with a swim up at Garry beach in Tolsta with an open water swimming pal.

It took us a wee while – but having a lot of fun! - to get out past the big breakers, but on the other side all was calm and, although a little murky, the water had a brilliant green/blue hue.

And there will be another dip in the island waters before it’s out, out, out into the Atlantic. I’m excited, nervous and really only worried about meeting tuna (they can swim up to 43mph!); but I’m ready.

Please do visit our website to donate and wish us good luck! We hope to leave from Huishinish this weekend, time is still to be confirmed, but keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details - ‘The St Kilda Swim 2014’.