Western Isles Darts news

Western Isles Darts League.

Wednesday 5th March saw a full schedule of games played. Results as follows:

Sea Angling A 8 v Jack Sparrows 0.

Alex Keiller (140, 120, 100 x 2) was the first to the oche for the A Team to play Compo (140, 125 x 2, 100) for the Sparrows. Alex won this one 3 – 1, greatly assisted by his finishing. He finished on 95 in the second leg and 72 in the fourth. Rory Ferguson was next up for the All Stars to play the Sparrow’s Amanda (120). Rory (100 x 4) was victorious winning 3 – 0. His 84 finish in the third leg was a big help. Willie Reid (100 x 3) for the A Team played Connor and another 3 - 0 score for Willie made it 3 – 0 to the A Team. Murdo Alex MacLeod (108, 100 x 3) was the next A Team player to the oche where he faced Eosa. This was another 3 – 0 game with Murdo A’s 108 finish in the third leg, hitting T19, 19, D16), being the end for Eosa. Derrick “Tesco Sam” MacAskill now faced Marianne. This was yet another 3 – 0 win for the A Team as Sam took the score to 5 – 0 with just the Triples and Doubles left to play. Alex K, Murdo A (118) and Sam now played Compo, Marianne and Amanda and won making it 6 – 0 for the A Team. The first doubles game saw Sam and Alex “Painter” Murray face Compo (140) and Amanda. This game also went to the A Team. The final game saw Rory (140, 100) and Willie Reid complete the whitewash beating Marianne and Connor.

Golf Club 3 v Ness 5.

Jim Hood was first up for the Golf Club to face Haggis MacLeod from the Ness team. Haggis (140, 100 x 2) took legs 1 and 3 while Jim (120 x 2, 114, 100) took the other 3. First blood to the Golf Club. Alex “Sander” Peck was next up for the Golf Club to face Allan Baba MacDonald (100 x 4). Allan took legs 1 and two. I think Sander (115, 100 x 2) might just have been inspired by the Golf Club’s Mascot Ciaran Peck as he took the next 3 legs to make it 2 – 0 to the Golf Club. It was now down to Phil “The Power Cut” Frieslier to see if he could continue the Golf Club’s winning streak. He played Iain Charlie MacLeod. The Power Cut (100) took the first two legs and Iain C (125, 100 x 2) pulled back the next three to give a score of 2 – 1 to the Golf Club. The Golf Club’s James MacAskill (100) now faced Iain MacLean (100) and Iain equalised the game score winning this match 3 – 0. Cal MacLeod (100) for the Golf Club now played Iain Baba MacDonald (140, 100 x 2) and it was Iain Baba who was the winner with a 3 – 0 score to make it 3 – 2 to Ness. The Triples had Jim, Sander (100) and James for the Golf Club lose to Iain MacLean (139), Haggis and Iain Baba (100). That score made it 4 – 2 to Ness with only the two doubles games remaining. The Golf Club’s Jim (100 x 2) and Cal played Haggis and Iain Baba (140) and lost. The final game saw a win for the Golf Club as James (140 x 2) and Sander beat Iain MacLean and Stewart Campbell.

Rangers Club 5 v Sea Angling B 3.

Bananas O’Donnell (105) was first to the oche for the RSC. He played the B Team’s Dave (156, 100) and won 3 – 0. It was now Stephen O’Donnell’s time to step forward for the RSC to play Lawrence (100 x 2). Stephen (140 x 2) also won 3 – 0. The RSC’s Nini MacLeod (100 x 2) now played the B Team’s Gordon (140, 120, 100).In a close game Gordon came out the victor winning 3 – 2. Ewen MacLean (100) was next to the oche for the RSC to play Babz (140, 100). Babz cleaned up with a score of 3 – 0. At 2 – 2 going into the final singles game, both sides had it all to play for. Ivor MacLean stepped forward for the RSC to play Gordy Mopp (140, 100 x 4). This was another close game as the 3 – 2 score shows but there was a real battle here as Ivor finished the third leg with a great 126 checkout hitting T19, 19 and Bull. Gorgy replied in the fourth leg with a finish of 85, hitting T20, 19 and D2. So, 3 – 2 to the B Team going into the Triples and Doubles. The RSC sent Stephen, Ian O’Donnell and Nini (100) to the oche to play Babz, Lawrence and Gordy Mopp. The RSC took this game thanks to Nini’s D4 finish. The first doubles game had the RSC’s Stephen (100) and Nini face the B Team’s brace of Gordons. Once again it was Nini’s finish that took the game for the RSC. The final game had Ivor and Ian for the RSC play the B Team’s Babz and Dave. It was Ivor’s D3 finish that sealed a 5 – 3 win for the RSC.

All Stars 7 v Legion 1.

Jamie Reid (140, 100) for the All Stars was first up to play the Legion’s Mark (100) and Jamie came out victorious with a 3 – 0 score. Alex “Momby” Morrison was the All Stars’ next player. He faced Calum Ruddy (140, 100 x 5). Momby’s (100 x 3) 3 – 0 win was greatly helped by his second leg finish of 77. He achieved this by hitting T19 and D10. It was now Finlay MacIver’s (180, 100 x 3) turn to step forward for the Stars to play the Legion’s Terry “Lewis” Pearce (120, 100 x 2). It was in the first leg that Finlay hit his max 180. This didn’t faze Terry as this game went the full 5 legs but it was Finlay who walked away with the 3 – 2 victory. The final singles game saw Murdo MacLeod (140 x 2 125) step to the oche for the All Stars to play against Beastie (140, 100). Mark took a 3 – 0 win to make the match score 5 – 0 to the All Stars. The Triples game saw the All Stars present Momby, Don MacLeod (100) and Finlay to play the Legion’s Dan (140), Mark and Calum and it was the B Team that won this one too. The first doubles game had the B Team’s Jamie (100 x 3) and Don play Dan (123, 100) and Mark. Dan’s D2 finish proved to be the Legion’s sole win of the game. The final game saw Momby (100 x 2) and Dave beat the Legion’s Calum (140) and Beastie.

Previously postponed games: All Stars 6 v Ness 2. Sea Angling A 7 v Ness 1.