Multi marathon steps off in Harris

Katie ran her first marathon in Harris
Katie ran her first marathon in Harris

ONE down, six to go was the situation facing Katie Whyte from London yesterday as she completed her first marathon on Harris.

32 year old Katie has this week been attempting to run seven marathons in seven days on seven islands.

On Monday she ran in Harris and is running on Skye today (Tuesday. Wednesday will be on Mull andThursday she is running on Bute. On Friday she will run a marathon on Anglesey and on Saturday the Isle of Wight.

On Sunday she will complete her challenge by running the London Marathon.

She is attempting to raise over £7,000 for Breast Cancer Care and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

She is supported on her challenge by GlucoTabs, GlucoJuice, Adventurous Ewe and Jigsaw and Katie has a team of supporters in her friends and family, particularly her Mum Carol and friend Kate for whom she is running on behalf of.

Describing the motivation for her challenge, Katie said: “Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2006 and, although feeling sure she’d pull through and be OK, it’s something you never want to watch anyone have to go through, especially not your own mum! I ran the 2008 London Marathon in aid of Breast Cancer Care to help raise money and awareness for the cause and to help save all the mummies! Also my friend the lovely Kate Smith has been living with Cystic Fibrosis all her life. There is currently no cure for CF, but back in 1964, when the CF trust was founded, a child was lucky to live over five years. Today around half of those with CF can expect to live over 38 years - not good enough, but getting better. Kate works tirelessly to fundraise for the cause and is a fantastic ambassador for the CF trust. I once promised Kate I would do something to help raise some money for CF and so I thought this would be something both physically challenging and ridiculous enough to make people put their hands in their pockets!”

This challenge is a true test of physical endurance and mental stamina and Katie will burn around 850 calories an hour when running and will be powered through by a combination of GlucoTabs and GlucoJuice, two forms of measured dosage of fast acting energy containing ‘no nasties’ to help increase the uptake of blood glucose by the muscles. Consuming carbohydrate before, during and after exercise helps prevent blood glucose levels falling too low and helps maintain and restore body’s glycogen stores and physical performance levels.

Gluco’s Marketing Manager Gaby O’Leary said: “We are delighted to be helping Katie to complete her challenge. Completing one marathon is amazing but seven in seven days, truly inspirational. GlucoTabs are lightweight and easy to carry and consume on-the-go and will provide the fuel Katie’s muscles will need to work at their maximum along with the mental boost to carry on – good luck Katie!”

Katie tasked adventure company Adventurous Ewe to help with the logistics, Outdoor Co-ordinator Stuart Adams commented: “When we heard what Katie planned to do we had to get involved. Logistically everything has to be arranged to the last minute – miss a ferry and we jeopardise the whole challenge!”

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