New year, new you – take up your 3x30 challenge in 2014!

A new year - time for a new you?
A new year - time for a new you?

Now that the Christmas festivities are out of the way and the last of the chocolates have been eaten, why not make a new year’s resolution you can keep and take up your very own ‘3x30 Challenge’ during 2014!

Many of us want to shake off that seasonal sluggish feeling as we think back on all that has been eaten over the festive period in comparison to the amount of (or lack of!) exercise taken in recent months. 

We tend to blame it on the weather, lack of daylight, lethargy, seasonal illnesses, family commitments (there are so many reasons); but this year, this January, why not motivate yourself to get off the sofa, put on your trainers, and get outside (or to your nearest sports centre), and commit to walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, or even kayaking – for three kilometres each day, for 30 days in a row?

Many people think that 3K sounds like a long distance, but in fact 3K only works out at 1.86 miles (1 kilometer = 0.62 miles). 

You can take on your 3x30 Challenge by yourself or as part of a team, so why not encourage family members, neighbours, friends or colleagues to join you?

By doing so, you could have a post-festive catch-up and make plans for the new year whilst you’re doing your 3x30 Challenge.

Every little helps and all the while you will be helping yourself to feel healthier and more energised, maybe lose some weight, and get back into some of those long-forgotten clothes.

Whenever you want to start your 3x30 Challenge is completely up to you – and you don’t even have to go outside if you don’t want to… you could visit your local Sports Centre to use the cross-trainers, rowing machines, treadmills, exercise bikes and swimming pool.

Almost 180 people registered and took part in their own 3x30 Challenge in October and November during 2013, and left over 700 comments.

So why not read some of their posts and see how they can inspire or give you ideas for your own Challenge?

The 3x30 Challenge is open to everyone within the Western Isles, and is run through its own dedicated website at

All you have to do is to register online and regularly post updates on what you’ve done and how you’re getting on. You never know – you could end up motivating someone else to take up the Challenge too!

To help you get started, a useful section is included on the website which offers activity ideas, weight diary, alcohol diary, and tips on getting your ‘five a day’.

There is also the opportunity to read about some of our local 3x30 Ambassadors, who continue to share their personal stories about how keeping active is helping them in their daily life.

Why not also find out about some of your local sporting clubs and groups through their member profiles? After reading about them and what each of their clubs and groups has to offer, you might find yourself becoming a member too.

Your local ‘Paths To Health’ has also included a list of planned walks to be held during January. Walks are free and all are welcome to join.

A list of local sporting events has also been included to the website, and it is hoped that after completing your 3x30 Challenge, you may feel empowered and motivated enough to attempt them.

Photographs of you and your team carrying out your 3x30 Challenge are always welcome – and may be included on the website.

As an added incentive, those who complete the 3x30 Challenge will have the opportunity to receive one of our free and exclusive 3x30 sports watches and a certificate of completion.

To receive yours, all you have to do is visit the ‘Your Posts’ page and post once daily, sharing what activities you’re doing, for a total of any 25 days during your 30 day Challenge.

So what are you waiting for – register online today at – and don’t forget to regularly post to let us know what you’re doing to achieve your 3×30 Challenge!

You could also let us know about your progress via Twitter @NHSWI#3x30WI