New Years charity plunge


A BRAVE, or bonkers, crew of charity campaigners took the plunge, literally, into the sea around Grimshader to raise cash for a worthwhile cause.

A group of pals and fundraisers, who tagged themselves the Grim Gits, built a sea-going raft on wheels and launched it fearlessly into the icy waters in Lochs on New Years Day.

The homemade vessel hadn’t been tested in the sea before the fearless troupe set off down the slipway and splashed into the sea infront of a gathered group of well wishers.

All the monies raised, of which there is already a sum of more than £300, will be going to the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

The idea was dreamed up over a two-month period by the Grim Gits with the project spearheaded by Gary Davies, along with Bruce Mackenzie, Iain Macleod, Paul Wilson, Carl Pryor, Mike Hale, David Glenday, and with some help from Iain Macleod‘s son David.

Under a veil of secrecy, they got to work, on building a raft on wheel, that would hold five people, to be launched on January 1st.

The grand unveiling took place just after midday on New Years Day when the vessel was brought onto the shore. Gary Davies revealed the vessel was to be named ‘The Floater’ before they positioned her on the slipway for her sink or swim maiden voyage.

The quintet squashed together and set off towards the surf, hurtling down the slipway at an ever-increasing pace before meeting the breaking waters of the sea.

Triumphantly, ‘The Floater’ exceeded their expectations, it made it down the slipway with no problem at all, and then it was rowed around in the sea for about 20 minutes, before returning to the slipway, to be dragged back ashore.