No more scary hairies at Stornoway golf course

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Despite the rapid onset of wintry weather, there are a couple of reasons to be cheerful in saying farewell to November.

Firstly, the course that encouraged low scoring with little reward is changing. The new setup is shorter and that should allow the more senior Winter League participants to compete on a level playing field with those who are comfortably covering the distance from tee to green on par 5 holes with two leisurely swings of a club.

Secondly, the end of Movember mercifully brings razors back into operation at Stornoway Golf Club. There is no doubt that raising awareness of men’s health issues is a worthy cause. However, it is painful to be reminded of that guy from Village People every time Norrie “Tomsh” Macdonald comes over the horizon.

There are other culprits. Peter Grant is slowly transforming into one of the Three Musketeers, or perhaps more aptly Albert, the fifth Musketeer – “he’s sharp, he’s cool, he’s nobody’s fool”.

David “Spider” Macleod is in a league of his own. Not only has his moustache enveloped his entire face but it is now heading south.

His weary Winter League partner, Donald John Smith, suffers the embarrassment of trudging round the golf course accompanied by a werewolf, albeit a werewolf with a handicap of 11 – and there are not many of them around.

For a full report of the club’s golfing action see this week’s Stornoway Gazette out on Thursday, November 29th.