North Uist to host International and British champion kitesurfers

FOUR competition winners will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to hit the beach in North Uist and enjoy a thrilling kitesurfing holiday alongside international and British champion kitesurfers.

Working in conjunction with the North Uist Development Company (NUDC); extreme sports media and PR company, ExPix are staging the exciting Kitesurfing Holiday Competition.

Kitesurfing is the fastest growing and most ecologically friendly extreme sport. Now accepted as an Olympic sport that will make its debut the 2016 game, interest in the sport has dramatically increased, further raising the profile of kitesurfing, the industry, its participants and partners/sponsors.

Jo Edmondson, head of marketing and PR for ExPix said: “ExPix were contacted by Elaine Cleary, Local Development Officer for North Uist and a member of the NUDC, in regards to increasing tourism on the island during the shoulder months.

“Following our initial discussion, we recently visited North Uist to meet with the NUDC group and to do a ‘site visit’ where provisional plans were made to explore the feasibility of holding a main event in 2013, and, as a build-up to the main event, and to further raise the profile of kitesurfing on North Uist and the surrounding islands; to hold a number of activities, kitesurfing workshops, visits and challenges on North Uist.

“Whilst focus is still on the Olympics, in particular kitesurfing being in Rio in 2016, and in anticipation of a main kitesurfing event on North Uist, it is a perfect opportunity to raise the profile of the island as a kitesurfing destination by capitalising on this additional media attention.”

International and British pro riders who will be taking part in the trip will be three times British Champion Kitesurfer Hannah Whiteley and renowned American wave rider, Patrick Rebstock, and organisers are also hoping to secure six times Dutch Champion kitesurfer Jalou Langree.

Elaine Cleary, Local Development Officer for North Uist said, “The growth of tourism is an objective of both the Outer Hebrides Single Outcome Agreement and Tourism Partnership Plan and given that tourism is increasingly important to the local economy with hundreds of residents relying on tourism for employment and income, the North Uist Development Growth Plan sees tourism as a high priority in the area for the future growth of the community.

“As with all projects, funding is an issue, particularly so as the first stage of the project has been put together at very short notice. But the island businesses have got behind this and through their tremendous support by donation money or services and goods in kind have made this initial project feasible.

“I would like to thank, Angus Doyle of Voove LTD,, John Daniel Peteranna of Energee,, the Uist Outdoor Centre,, Balranald Hebridean Holidays, and Claddach Kirkibost Centre for making this possible.”