Happy New Year Dook

Whether you consider it brave - or bonkers - a handful of sea swimmers stripped down to their swimmers on New Year’s Day for a Hebridean ‘Loony Dook’ at Bosta Beach in Bernera.

Among those charging into the surf at Bosta was well known Stornoway endurance swimmer Colin S Macleod who joined others including wild swimmer Calum Maclean and a very special guest in Lewis Pugh.

Lewis is currently training for an epic one kilometre swim across a lake on the Antarctic ice sheet to raise awareness of the climate crisis at the poles.

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And he will undertake this historic challenge in water barely one degree above freezing wearing nothing but his speedos.

The endurance swimmer is already in the record books as the first person to swim across the North Pole while he has also swum in a glacial lake on Mount Everest.

Colin commented: “Lewis and Max were in full training mode after the group of us ran into the 7.3 degree sea.

“Between the sand blasting on your body and the waves spraying into you, it made for an entertaining morning swim, especially in the Tweedo’s.

“I swum 800 metres in 14minutes and that was enough

“Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to many more wild swimming this year and decade.”

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