News from the oche - Lewis and Harris Darts League

Three league games kicked off the darts week on Friday evening, writes John Norman Murray.

The first game was Sea Angling B playing host to Rangers Club B.

First to the oche for SAB was Innes who played Ross. Innes (140 x 2, 131, 100 x 2) saw Ross off in 3 sets to put the SAB into an early lead. Cammy was next up for SAB when he played Fluffy.

This game went the full 5 legs and it was the RSCB’s Fluffy (135, 100) who was the victor, beating Cammy (100 x 4) 3 – 2 to level the match score at 1 - 1.SAB’s Ted was next to step forward to play the RSCB’s Mark.

Ted (140, 119, 100) took the first leg before Mark (180, 140 x 3, 125, 100 x 2) took the next three to win 3 – 1.

Mark’s max 180 came in the third leg which, along with a 140, helped Mark on his way to a 13 dart leg to put RSCB a point in front at 1 – 2.

The SAB the sent Babz to the oche to face Martin. In another four leg game Babz (105, 100 x 4) emerged as the winner, beating Martin (100 x 2) 3 – 1 to level the match score to 2 – 2.

The final singles game had Wakey face Gordon Mopp. Wakey (100) saw Gordon (120) off in the second three leg game of the evening to give SAB a 3 – 2 lead as the match entered the Triples and Doubles.

The Triples had, for the SAB team, Innes, Babz and Ted play Mark, Ross and Martin (100). Martin’s D15 finish saw the match score level again at 3 – 3.

Only the two doubles games left and both teams had it all to play for.

Babz and Ted (100) opened for the SAB team against Mark (134) and Fluffy.

The score sheet does not show who won this one but given final match score it must have been the RSCB team that went in front at 3 – 4 with only one more doubles game to play.

This last game had Innes (100) and Cammy play Martin and Gordy Mopp.

Gordy’s D16 checkout saw the points go to the Rangers Supporters Club B team with a final match score of 5 – 3.

The next game of the evening saw DX play the Sparrows. Derek Morrison was first up for DX, where he played Amanda Campbell.

Derek (140, 100 x 4) and Amanda (131) went leg-for-leg before Derek ended up a 3 – 2 winner to take the first point for DX.

Mark MacLean was next to the oche for DX to play Kevin MacKay. Mark (120, 100) beat Kevin (100 x 2) 3 – 0to increase DX’s lead to 2 – 0.

The third game had Malky MacDonald for DX play the Sparrow’s Danny Hughes. Another 3 leg game saw Malky (140, 114, 100 x 2) put the match score to 3 – 0 to DX. Steven Williams was next to step forward for DX to play the Sparrow’s Gordon MacLean.

Another 3 leg game saw Gordon (120) pull a point back for the Sparrows, taking the match score to 3 – 1.

The final singles game of this match had, for DX,

Jonathan MacDonald play Mairianne MacIver for the Sparrows.

Mairianne (118, 100) took another point for the Sparrows, beating Jonathon (100) 3 – 1. The triples game had Derek, Mark (100) and Malky for DX play Kevin Mairianne and Gordon.

The match score went to 4 – 2 to DX as they won this game.

The first doubles game saw Malky (100) and Jonathan play Gordon and Amanda. Malky’s D10 finish put the match score to 5 – 2 to DX.

The final doubles game had Derek (100 x 3) and Steven for DX play Kevin and Mairianne (100).

Steven checked out on D5 to put the final match score to 6 – 2 to DX.

The final game of the evening had the Carlton host Sea Angling A. Donald “Heareach” MacDonald opened for the Carlton as he played Alex Keiller.

Alex (120, 113, 100 x 2) beat the Heareach (100) 3 – 0 to put the A team in front.

In the second leg Alex finished on 113, hitting 19, T18, D20.

John Norman Murray was next up for the Carlton to play Willie Reid. Willie (100 x 2) beat John N. (140, 119) 3 – 0 to increase the A team’s lead to 2 – 0.

The third singles game had the Carlton’s Kay MacDonald face Rory Ferguson. Rory (140, 100 x 2) put the match score to 3 – 0 to the A team with another 3 – 0 win.

The next game had the two captains play off against each other, Ruaraidh Smith for the Carlton and Alex “Painter” Murray for the A team. Painter (100 x 2) won the first two legs before Ruaraidh (116, 100 x 2) replied by taking the next three to win 3 – 2.

A much needed point for the Carlton who lost 8 – 0 to the Golf Club last week!

The final singles saw Terry Pierce come off the Carlton’s sub bench to play Jim O’Donnell.

Terry (160, 140) took legs 1 and 3but Jim (140, 123) won legs 2, 4 and 5 for a 3 – 2 win and a match score of 4 – 1 to the A team.

The triples saw John N. Heareach and Ruaraidh play Rory, Jim and A team sub Robbie Mowat (100).

Jim’s D4 finish put the A teams lead to 5 – 1.

The doubles opened with John N. and Heareach play Jim and Robbie. Jim’s 128 finish (T18, T18, D12) put the score to 6 – 1. A note on the score sheet says Jim managed this despite having only 1 contact lens.

The final game had Kay and Ruaraidh play Willie (133) and Painter.

Willie’s D1 finish made for a final score of 7 – 1 to the Sea Angling A team.

See next week’s Stornoway Gazette for more news from the oche around our ever-growing darts league.