Partnership between TalkTalk and Comhairle

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Sports Facilities Services Manager at CNES Tony Wade believes the new link-up between the Comhairle and TalkTalk is the perfect combination.

And he hopes other local businesses consider a similar deal to help improve the health and well-being of their own staff.

From December 1, all staff at TalkTalk in Stornoway will enjoy access to all Lewis Sports Centre facilities through a corporate membership partnership between TalkTalk and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar under the ‘Slàinte Mhath’ sports facility access scheme.

And Wade hopes it encourages others to follow suit.

He said: “It is something we have been keen to encourage people to do for sometime and we encourage any local business to get in touch. The link with TalkTalk is perfect for us and for them as it encourages physical activity to improve the health and well being of their staff who most will be looking at a computer screen all day.

“The ‘Slàinte Mhath’ initiative has been a huge success and I am delighted that the Comhairle and TalkTalk have come to an agreement to allow local employees to enjoy access to the Sports Centre’s facilities.
“There is plenty of evidence that increasing physical activity makes for a healthier, happier and more efficient work force, so we are really encouraged that TalkTalk have taken this positive step for their employees in Stornoway.”

The Slàinte Mhath initiative is the cheapest of its kind in the whole of Scotland and the Comhairle’s investment in establishing the project is reported to have helped build an increase of over 25% in the numbers using the facilities over the last four years.

Another new initiative introduced at the Lewis Sports Centre has been the implementation of early morning openings where all the facilities are available from 7am on four days of the week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursd and Friday – for a 12-month trial period.

He continued: “The morning sessions have been up and down with some mornings busier than others but that is to be expected, especially at this time of year when people have so many other things going on.

“But early feedback has been good and very encouraging and in addition to the pool and gym we have had early morning classes aimed at people who have never taken a class before and who would like to improve 
their fitness.

“It has been really good and it is something people have been asking for over some years so it is up to people now ot make sure they come down and use the facilities and we will review it and the end of the 12-month period.”
Linda Glover, from TalkTalk’s Stornoway customer contact centre, said: “We’re delighted to have access to such a fantastic local facility and are looking forward to further investing in the health and wellbeing of our staff.”