Pilates - new addition to Isle Dance

Isle Dance instructor Kirstie Anderson hopes her new Classical Pilates classes will prove as popular as Zumba!
Isle Dance instructor Kirstie Anderson hopes her new Classical Pilates classes will prove as popular as Zumba!

A NEW term of dance and fitness classes will be starting on October 31 with company Isle Dance – including the addition of brand new Classical Pilates classes.

Isle Dance tutor Kirstie Anderson has been training in Classical Pilates since May this year, and most recently completed her practical and written exams at the Classical Pilates UK studios in Troon.

Looking forward to the new class and the new term, Kirstie says: “I think Classical Pilates will be a great addition to the other dance and fitness classes I teach.

“Classical Pilates is a hard working class that will help get your body back in alignment. It focuses on strengthening the core which has the benefit of giving you strong, flat abs, but also supports the trunk which can prevent and ease back pain.”

Pilates exercises have found fame on the celebrity workout scene for the last 15 years – most recently coming to the limelight after it emerged that Pippa Middleton attributed her perfect figure at the Royal Wedding to regular Pilates classes.

However, the method was pioneered in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation program for prisoners or war.

It was soon found to be of great benefit to anyone seeking a higher level of fitness and is an excellent form of exercise for all, from professional athletes to grannies looking to stay supple, Pilates helps people to develop control of their body and ultimately improve their sporting performance and general fitness.

“Classical Pilates works with the body in its most correct positions, improving participant’s posture, which again helps support the back,” expands Kirstie. “It’s a fantastic series of movements for all levels of fitness, all ages and abilities. Movements can be modified to suit the individual as necessary, making it more accessible to everyone.”

Core strength is at the heart of Classical Pilates which, rather than using an isolated set of muscles, engages the entire body in a full range of motion, with power originating from the core muscles.

By training the deep internal muscles of the abdomen and back to work to their full potential, stability throughout the torso is improved and pressure on the back is relieved.

Isle Dance will be teaching five Classical Pilates classes every week from October 31 in Stornoway, as well as a class in Lochs.

All other dance and fitness classes will also start that week, including Zumba – the international fitness phenomenon that can burn up to 800 calories per hour!

Anyone looking to find out more information, or to book a class place, contact Kirstie at Isle Dance on 07715499552; email kirstie.andreson@gmail.com; or visit the website at www.isledance.co.uk