Point new all-weather pitch opens

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This Friday (16th March) will see the inaugural FMP Challenge Cup to mark the opening of the All-Weather football pitch at Sgoil an Rubha, Point.

The challenge match will be between Point and Sandwick Schools.

It is planned that next year the competition will be between Point and the new Westside School and it is hoped that the FMP Challenge will become an annual event to celebrate the new schools.

Kick-off on Friday is at 1.45pm and former Director of Education, Catriona Dunn, will be guest of honour.

There will be another event in the evening with a game between Point FC v Point Old Crocks at 7pm, and the school will be open from then until 9pm to allow any members of the community who have not had the pleasure of visiting the school to do so and marvel at the facilities.

Cllr Donald John Macsween said: “I am proud of the new Point School with its magnificent community facilities and I am delighted that we can mark the opening of this latest new amenity with this challenge match.