Riding club’s first hunter trial gallops to success


THE first-ever Lewis and Harris Riding Club Hunter trial took place at the weekend and was such a success that a second event is planned at the end of the month.

An area of Tong Farm, Lewis, was transformed by owner Ronald Maclean and course builder Roddy Macdonald into a 2km cross country course for the event which has been lavished with praise and has been tipped to reignite equestrian sport on the island.

Tong farm has had livery for horses for some time but this new venture gives riders the chance to experience the excitement and challenge of cross country riding in a safe and beautiful setting.

The ground was perfect for horses and event organisers issued their huge thanks go to Tong farm for being so supportive to local riders.

Kathleen Connor event organiser for the Lewis and Harris riding club planned the course and organised the day, where fifteen competitors took part in the event.

There were six classes that included both junior and senior riders. The course of sixteen jumps offered a range of challenges to horse and rider.

They were adjusted to the riders ability between classes and gave everyone the opportunity to get round the course at they’re own level.

The Lewis and Harris Riding club would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition.

A spokesperson said: “We would like to offer a special thanks to all the volunteer jump judges and Kathleen Connor who made the competition run smoothly and safely.

“We would also like to thank Tong farm for their support and commitment to equestrian sport. This event was a huge success and everyone had a great day.

“We are planning a second Hunter trial at the end of October details will appear on our Facebook page.”


Class - Junior Mini: (1st) Chanelle Divers on CoCo Minstral; (2nd) Abby Jo on Leah.

Junior Mini Leadrein: (1st) Emma Forsyth on Paisley; (2nd) Mae Macleod on Lilly.

Adult Mini: First Karen Macleod on Jimbo.

Junior intermediate: (1st) Jenna Campbell on Washingpool Lloyd George; (2nd) Elenor Smith on Pepe.

Adult Intermediate: (1st) Angela Murray on Major; (2nd) Laura Maciver on Lapinas; (3rd) Tracey Murray on Bella.

Adult Open: (1st) Muriel Macleod on Tilly; (2nd) Angela Matheson on Highlander; (3rd) Gail Buchannan on Beth.