Stornoway Bridge Club

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The first game of 2016 saw a fabulous turnout of five tables.

Pat and Alice Read joined us and Caroline Briggs, our friend from Somerset, partnered Dave Gormley.

The game of Bridge offers magic and misery in equal measure. On Tuesday we saw our fair share of both!

Some pairs had a truly shocking night but for our victors it was a night of pure magic. Although they were honourable enough to say that not all the glory was down to their good play, they had a magnificent evening.

Their score card showed nine tops and only one bottom which was on board 11 against the pair who came in second place.

Congratulations to Caroline and Dave on first place with a grand score of 72%. It was a very impressive performance.

In second place were Derek MacKenzie and Jean MacLeod with 55% and 5 tops. They had a good evening but lady luck looked the other way on board 19.

Murdo Kennedy was the only player to bid to 6D which he made while all the remaining tables settled for 3NT.

In third place were Murdo and Norah MacDonald with 53% and four tops.

They just beat the next two pairs, Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie and Pat Read and Alice Read, who came in joint 4th with 52%.

Pictured are Caroline and Dave in first place with a grand score of 72%.