Stornoway Bridge Club notes as White Horse Cup wo

On Tuesday night the Bridge Club played for the White Horse Cup.

It was a great evening with 5 full tables and they were able to play a 27 board movement.

Board 15 was a highlight of the evening with E/W sitting with 31 points. A lay-down in 7C or 7N/T and there was not a thing N/S could do about it. What disappointment for the 2 pairs who settled for 7C and congratulations to the 3 pairs who bid 7N/T.

It was a really close competition with only 4 points separating the top 4 pairs.

Rita MacDonald and Janet Smith had a great evening with an amazing 7 tops and they came in third place with 56%

Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie also had a good night, finishing in second place with 57% and the winners this week with 57% were Ken MacDonald and Dave Gormley. Congratulations gents on retaining the White Horse cup.