Team competition action at Stornoway Bridge Club

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This week the Bridge Club took advantage of an even number of tables to play a team competition.  In days of yore this was a regular occurrence but it’s been some time since this type of event was
Thank goodness that Murdo Kennedy and Jean Macleod were on hand to help with the preparations.
The teams were picked totally at random and Team 1 was N/S Gerda Graauwmans & Jenny Morrison, E/W Liz Carmichael & Jimmy Ogilvie.

Team 2 N/S Norah MacDonald & Murdo Kennedy, E/W Irene MacKenzie & Harris MacKenzie,

Team 3 N/S Sylvia Taylor & Iris Stewart, E/W Janet Smith & Stewart MacDonald and Team 4 N/S Colin Scott & Bryan Harris, E/W Jean MacLeod and Derek MacKenzie.
Twenty-seven boards were played in nine board rounds so there was time to get to know the opposition.  The results on the Bridge mates, whilst interesting, were hardly relevant as the scoring for teams is very different.  In teams making game is the aim and the overtricks don’t make that much of a difference. So, the more experienced team players gambled on making game and made a few sacrifice bids.  Even the occasional double didn’t have such dire consequences. Fascinating
The boards were described as ‘normal’ this week, with the computer only giving the players two slams, which nobody found.  Board two was a certainty in 4S by East but remarkably there was a 6H contract available for N/S with a holding of 18 points. No surprise then that no one gave it a go.  Board five also offered a Slam in 6D but everyone settled for 3NT.  Congratulations to Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie who were the only pair to defeat that contract. 
So, after a mammoth session it was time to announce the winners.  The computer duly provided the details of the winning team only for victory to be snatched from them as the results needed to be converted from IMP’s to VP’S. A huge thanks to Jean for setting the scorer straight and promoting Team 1 into first place!
In first place with 59 VP’S were Team 1 Gerda, Jenny, Liz and Jimmy with Team 4 Sylvia, Iris, Stewart and Janet coming in second with 54 VP’S.
The photo shows the winning team of Gerda, Liz, Jimmy and Jenny.