The Clansman Trophy

Clansman Trophy winners Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie
Clansman Trophy winners Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie

Stornoway Bridge Club recently played for the Clansman Trophy.

The defending champions Derek MacKenzie and Jean MacLeod were keen to repeat their success of last year. And with the current ‘in form’ boys (Stewart and NL MacDonald) absent they must have felt they were in with a good chance.

The evening saw some optimistic bidding go disastrously wrong, board 17 – 5CX minus 6 – ouch! But there was also some brave bidding that came up trumps.

Congratulations to Iris Stewart and Sylvia Taylor who bid and made 2 small slams on boards 17 and 24.

There was a grand slam available on board 24 in spades but nobody found it and only Iris and Sylvia bid the small slam. This helped them to joint third place last week. Joining them in 3rd place were Jean and Derek, no trophy for them this time round but an impressive result non-the-less.

In second place with a total of 58% were Donnie MacKenzie and Rita MacDonald. As predicted they are fast becoming a very formidable partnership.

In first place though, and the winners of the Clansman Trophy with a massive 8 tops and 65% were Liz Carmichael and Jimmy Ogilvie.

Although Jimmy didn’t seem to have that many points to play with he and Liz defended well and attacked with gusto. They were the only pair to make game on board 15 and managed to defeat every game bid bar 1.

Well done you two!