The Hebridean rain will come to encourage some good catches

Chris Morrison landed a 16 1/2 lb fish on Loch Voshmid.
Chris Morrison landed a 16 1/2 lb fish on Loch Voshmid.

Fishermen are strange creature’s. They bear up to long cold damp winter and long for the wind and rain to give way to summer sunshine.

Then all of a sudden while cooking the sausages over the BBQ in the garden they realise the trusty salmon rod has been redundant in the garage since March because of the dry warm weather.

In a fit of blind panic they burn the sausages begin to believe they are feeling the effects of global warming in the Hebrides and it is never going to rain again.

Foolish thoughts enter the mind, when will the rain come? When will the salmon turn up? Are they going to hook another fish again?

Every year it seems the fish are later, the numbers are smaller, the rivers are drier.

When in reality things pretty much continue as they have done. We live in the Hebrides, so the rain will come!

But I do sometimes wonder if the salmon will come in any numbers.

I think there is no doubt numbers are down.

I was amazed to read of an old story regarding the burn from the ‘Ghost Loch’, which it was said produced more than fifty salmon for one man many years ago over the winter when spawning fish were a source of food for a hungry family.

However, this season has started slowly, yet in the last week good numbers of fish have run into Garynahine, Grimersta, Amhuinnesudhie and Angus at Barvas claims to be seeing a good steady run of fish into the system there.

The Fideach Estuary is also showing good numbers of decent sea trout and salmon and the coast of Coll and Gress is by all accounts teaming with sea trout.


The popular open day was held last at the castle and as usual some excellent brown trout were caught.

This year also produced a Salmon for 11yr old Innes Duncan (pictured bottom left).

Also doing well was Sean Mackenzie who caught the biggest trout at 2 1/2 lb (pictured bottom right).

One keen angler Chris Morrison landed a 16 ½ pound fish on loch Voshmid last Friday night on a size 10 Silver Stoat Feeler (pictured bottom left).

Chris was breaking in his newly bought Greys GR50 Fly Rod with a cracking fish.

It took 40 minutes to land the fish, unfortunately but not surprisingly, the fish was in no state to be returned after the epic battle.

The happy angler is seen in our picture on the banks of the picturesque Loch Voshmid with his prize catch.


This Saturday we encourage readers to come to the Point Show where there will be casting lessons and competitions with fishing on Morsgail and Barvas Estate up for grabs for winners.

It is a good opportunity to be introduced to fly fishing and one or two local experts will be available to pass fly fishing tips on to young and old anglers alike.

Estates and anglers are encouraged to send info and pics to