Third win in a row for Stornoway Muay Thai fighter Mike Schouten

Photo taken by Scottish fight photos - Valerie Downer.
Photo taken by Scottish fight photos - Valerie Downer.

Paisley Town Hall Saturday 28th of September had Mike Schouten v James McAuley from GTBA Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy on the fight card.

Weighing in at 74kgs both fighters went toe to toe in a full five round clinching match.

Mike’s opponent opted for the typical Muay Thai clinch tactic not wanting to stand off exchanging kicks and punches. This in an attempt to close down Mike’s trademark south paw boxing stance and hard kicking combinations.

Mike’s instructor, four times world champion Muay Thai fighter, Rung Kharnphan from Rung Inverness Muay Thai had focused his training on the clinching which paid off with Mike dominating the clinches with some ending in take downs. Ultimately winning by unanimous decision scoring points by throwing powerful knees, controlling the clinches.

“It is all about getting ring experience for me so I can learn how to use the techniques taught in training.” Mike had trained hard to further improve his cardio and stamina. You see him as a regular runner in the Stornoway Running and Athletics club. And he is a familiar face on the Sport Centre Gym working the free weights.

Rung is working with the promotors to get at least another two fights lined up for Mike this year. The aim for next year is to gain more experience, move up a class and start working towards a title shot.