Tong and Laxdale star in Unihoc finals

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MORE than 100 Lewis school pupils picked up unihoc sticks to do battle recently in the 24-strong Primary Unihoc event.

After a thrilling and fiercely fought qualification event the remaining six teams advanced to the Gold and Silver medal finals which were hosted by the Sport and Health Team.

These were: Tong, Stornoway, Shawbost Ahoy, Laxdale Legends, Shawbost Mobots, and Stornoway Stars.

Five rounds of Unihoc games were played to ensure each team at the opportunity to play every finalist. All teams played exceptional Unihoc, which produced very exciting games.

After round four there were two teams in very close contention for the Gold Medal. Tong, who were sitting with nine points and Laxdale Legends with 10 points.

Going into the final round both teams had only one aim - to win. And to add to the excitement, Tong and Laxdale Legends faced one another in the final game of the tournament which created a winner-takes-all-scenario.

After a nail biting five minutes, Tong were crowed winners and Laxdale finishing as runners up..

Sport and Health would like to thank and congratulate all participates and to Gordon ‘Mop’ Macdonald for his support on the evening group stages as well as the finals night.