Uig and Bernera Olympic-style school sports day

Ready, steady, go! at a sunshine Uig Sports Day.
Ready, steady, go! at a sunshine Uig Sports Day.

LIKE many other schools throughout the UK, Uig School has enjoyed an exciting Olympic-themed summer term, and the activities got under way on May 24th when a joint Sports Day with Bernera School was held on the smooth, golden sands of Uig Bay.

Children from both schools took part in a series of traditional races in the morning followed by an afternoon of Olympic-themed events.

Both adult spectators and children were grateful for the sunshine and clear blue skies that made the Uig Olympics a memorable and beautiful day; and all pupils were delighted to receive commemorative medals and relished the opportunity to step on to the Uig Olympics medal podium!

The children then got ‘on their marks’ and started to plan an Olympic board for the Amenity Trust to display in Stornoway.

Rhoda Bamsey, Susan Stringer and Brian Hindson helped the children to create a stunning painting that incorporated the Olympic Values that they have been discussing at Assemblies during the school year.

The Torch Relay was the next big event for pupils with the Olympic Torch visiting Stornoway on June 11th.

The children spent time practising the Olympic dance and song, flexed their muscles with some athletics training and carefully followed the progress of the Torch as it slowly approached the Western Isles.

Despite an early start, the day proved to be very memorable. The children were well-placed to give their School Assistant, Mrs Wade, a special, loud and enthusiastic cheer as she ran past bearing the Olympic flame.

Uig pupils attempted to spot their Olympic board amongst the unique and colourful contributions from the many other Western Isles schools that participated.

It was a boost for them to see their board prominently displayed behind Convenor Norman A MacDonald as he addressed the crowd that had gathered at the running track for the welcoming event.

They then proceeded to enjoy their most successful day ever at Rural Sports. Aidan Smith took first place in the Boys 100m and Sophie Callan second place in the Girls Long Jump and a third in the 100m.

There were feisty performances from all the children who participated and the teachers were proud of their attitude and behaviour during the long day.