Uist and Barra football league

Results from last week were as follows :

Lochboisdale 1 v Joe Scratch 3

Hoops 1 v Kilbride 1

Passetic 3 v MacGillivrays 0

Teaching Tornadoes 0 v Lochboisdale 3

Joe Scratch 0 v Kilbride 2

Hoops 2 v The Bhoys 2

Lochboisdale 2 v Hoops 4

This weeks fixtures are as follows :

Passetic v Old Codgers

Joe Scratch v MacGillivrays

Lochboisdale v kilbride

Teachers v The Bhoys

Old Codgers v MacGillivrays

Passetic v Joe Scratch

Lochboisdale v The Bhoys

Hoops v Old Codgers

Saints v Kilbride