Uist and Barra Junior Football

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The Uist and Barra Junior Football Club have recently received sponsorship from local firm Creagorry Motors Ltd in the form of strips which they will wear in Galway, Ireland in August when they participate in a prestigious International Football Tournament with teams from all over Europe taking part.

The team have been fundraising hard over the winter months and are now organised and set for another campaign ‘abroad’ after having travelled last year to Eindhoven, Holland.

In the picture are Craig Cooper (Coach), Alasdair Steele (Team Barvas), Alasdair MacDonald (Team Captain), Michael Steele (Team Piper) and Katherine MacDonald, Director, Creagorry Motors Ltd.

The team have a page on Facebook if you want to follow their progress through Saturday Training sessions, friendly matches and the tournament itself.

There are two games lined up in June with a Lewis and Harris Select and an Orkney Select match both at Liniclate.