Volunteer roles for Glasgow 2014

Volunteers for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be known as the Clyde-siders, it was revealed today (Monday, 7 October).

On the day when the first group of successful applicants learned what role they will have at the Games, they also discovered what they would be collectively known as.

The name ‘Clyde-siders’ was chosen by the Glasgow 2014 frontrunners, the pre-Games volunteers who conducted all of the volunteer interviews.

Glasgow 2014 received a record-breaking 50,811 applications for up to 15,000 volunteer roles with the first offers going out to people for those roles where all interviews have been completed.

This is a gradual process, however, so people who do not hear straight away are urged to be patient as they could yet be part of the Games and interviews will continue until December.

Let us know if you have volunteered to be a ‘Clyde-sider’ and if your application has been successful by emailing news@stornowaygazette.co.uk.