Well done Mairi!

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Mairi Maciver, a nurse at Western Isles Hospital, recently ran the London Marathon to raise funds for Bowel and Cancer Research.

Supporter fundraiser for the charity, Micky Forster, said they were very proud of her acheivement: “Mairi has a done a great job training for the marathon and fundraising for us too.

“We are hugely grateful to her for her efforts and would like to thank her many supporters on the Island of Lewis for all the encouragement and donations.

“Thanks too to all at the Stornoway Gazette who I know have helped publicise Mairi’s fundraising events, particularly the gig she organised last year. When I last heard from her, the day after the marathon, inspite of blisters and loosing two toenails, she was talking about entering the ballot for the 2012 London Marathon and doing it again! That’s real dedication.”

He added: “As you may know, April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. As a nurse, Mairi knows at first hand how devastating bowel cancer can be, which is why she was motivated to fundraise for our charity. Fundraising is of course vital, but so is getting out the message to people to be bowel cancer aware.

“With this form of cancer early dignosis can be the difference between life and death. Our message is clear, if you are worried about bowel symptoms, don’t suffer in silence, seek professional help.”

Surgery is the only cure, so catching the disease as early as possible is vital.

Learn your BCA – it could save your life!

• B is for bleeding from the bottom

• C is for change in bowel habits

• A is for abdominal pain

If you experience any of these symptoms over several weeks – see your GP.

There are more London Marathon runners from the Western Isles and we are keen to hear from them all to highlight their fantastic achievements. Please get in touch with michelle.robson@stornowaygazette.co.uk with your pictures and fundraising links.