Western Isles Pony Club seeks missing silverware

Over the years, the Western Isles Branch of the Pony Club has handed out to its members a large number of trophies, cups and shields, many of which have never been returned to the Club.

The Committee of the Club is trying to track down these trophies and would be delighted to get them back so that they can be enjoyed by future winners. It’s a shame that these trophies have disappeared as some of them were presented to the Club in memory of loved ones, and by supportive visiting instructors and local businesses.

This is a plea to all ex-members as well as current members to have a thorough look around your homes and return any trophies you might find to me – however old and dusty it may have got, we’d really like to have them back.

If you could also mention to any ex-members that have moved away, that the club are looking for our trophies, and if they do have something to return to the Club, they would be happy to cover the postage charges.

If you can help contact Fiona at 15A Cross Street, Stornoway, tel number 01851 70 5932.