Western Isles rally club’s ‘Moonlight’ event

THE Lewis Car Club are to revive Road Rallying on the Isle of Lewis when the club promote their Moonlight Rally - a Navigational Rally with a route of approx 60 miles - due to be held this Friday (11th March) in the late evening.

Scrutineering of the competing cars begins at 8.30pm at Macleods Garage, Bayhead St, Stornoway, with event signing-on along the road at the Lewis Retirement Centre, Bayhead Street.

The first car is due to start at 10.01pm from the Lewis Retirement Centre, with cars being set off at two minute intervals.

The finish will also be at the Lewis Retirement Centre, with the first car due to return around midnight.

Crews will have to work out and plot the correct route between control points from information issued at the start and at each subsequent time control. All the information, or ‘clues’ issued for each section are taken from the OS Landranger Map (1:50,000 scale)

The results are based on penalty points; a small penalty will be incurred for being late at a time control (checkpoint), and larger penalties for booking in early, for missing out part of the route or any missed codeboards, for arriving at a checkpoint in the wrong direction, or for missing a checkpoint entirely.

The winners are the crew who follow the correct route, have all codeboards noted on their route card and arrive at each control on their due time.

As a crew, the navigation skills are equally as important as the driving skills.

Entries for the rally are:

Driver/Navigator  Car

1. Norman Maclean/Morag Maclean, Audi S3

2. Laura Graham/Katy Graham, BMW 316

3. Gavin Macdonald/Kristy Maclean, Audi A4

4. Craig Evans/Graham MacDonald, Renault Clio

5. Mark Maciver/Alex J Maciver, Rover Mini

6. Alasdair Macleod/John Campbell, Nissan

7. Murdo Campbell/Derek Beaton, Mazda MX5

8. Scott Macleod/Norman Matheson, Volvo 240

9. Allan Sinclair/Donnie Macleod, BMW 320

10. Donnie Smith/Shaun Sinclair, Toyota

11. Norman Macdonald/Derick Macleod, Ford Sierra

12. Angus Martin/Donald Riddell, Mitsubishi Lancer