Switching on new series of Func

A new series of BBC ALBA’s hilarious award-winning comedy FUNC was filmed at various locations throughout Lewis, including the Callanish Stones.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27th September 2019, 12:54 pm

The famous standing stones come to life to haunt some local hippies trying to celebrate the solstice and viewers might be able to spot some other island landmarks on the show.

The off-the-wall, fast-paced sketch show sees the return of favourites from the first series, such as Donald Trump and BBC ALBA wild swimmer Calum MacLean, and some new characters such as the bickering children’s TV presenters, naked Pictish neighbours and some fighting clergy!

FUNC won the Royal Television Society of Scotland award for Best Comedy earlier in 2019 and this series brings back the writing team along with several new Gaelic writers.

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The returning cast are: Iain Beggs, Darren Maclean (Darren MacIlleathain), Tormod Macleod (Tormod Macleòid), Lana Pheutan, Fiona Mackenzie (Fiona NicChoinnich), Melissa Jane Deans and Hannah McKirdy.

Production company The Woven Thread produced the show for BBC ALBA, with owner Michael Hines producing and directing the comedy.

Michael, who is best known as the director of the popular TV show Still Game, said: “It’s been a real joy seeing the cast shine in their roles, honing their comedy skills and performing with panache and fun.

“I’m delighted and proud of what we’ve all achieved, the RTS Scotland award for Best Comedy vindicated and inspired us to push on to funnier heights.

“There is a mix of satire, the surreal, and downright silly. Drawing on the strength of the reaction to the first series, FUNC 2 is even more colourful, fast and funny.

“With fabulous costumes, and wonderful set pieces, FUNC should have something to tickle everyone’s palate.

“The stones sketch came from a brand-new writer Karin Slater who lives in the Isles” and Michael said: “from the start, the idea of the stones being alive made us all chuckle”.

The fake Stones are currently in storage on Lewis and the production company would be willing to lend them to a local theatre company or school’s drama department.

Michael said: “Let us know if you can come up with a great photo opportunity with the Stones but please take good care of them as they are more fragile than the original Callanish stones!”

MG ALBA’s Bill MacLeod, executive producer of FUNC, said: “As islanders know FUNC is Gaelic slang for “nothing”. But for a show that’s about nothing it takes some well-aimed sideswipes at pretty much every subject under the sun - from potatoes to petrol stations, from Trump to tattoos.

“I love just how unafraid FUNC is. And I love that it’s so funny. I really believe that the young writers and performers who work on the show are as good as - and maybe better - than anyone on British TV right now.”

Func airs is on BBC ALBA on Wednesdays at 10pm.