A confidant act to follow

Friend of a Friend on tour.
Friend of a Friend on tour.

With roots in the Isle of Lewis, Friend of a Friend are a four-piece indie band bringing their unique sound back to the island for a live gig in Stornoway this September.

Having spent years as a successful mainstay of the live circuit in Edinburgh, including Old Town Street Festival and Midfest, they’re set to play a gig at the Woodlands Centre, September 5th.

Friend of a Friend (FOAF) consists of Prentice Robertson, Michael Ward, Graham McDonald, and Jamie Law - on vocals, guitar, drums, and bass respectively.

Lead singer Prentice Robertson spoke to The Gazette to enlighten the unfamiliar about the band’s roots and optimism for the future. Prentice says the band likes to say the name ‘Friend of a Friend’ originates from his and the drummer’s mutual friendship with the guitarist, Michael Ward. “However, it actually comes from the title of a Foo Fighters’ song”, says Prentice, whose energetic vocals blend beautifully with haunting melodies.

“We all met in high school and started to play acoustic covers of pop songs, putting them on YouTube”, says Prentice, “then we started writing our own material and before gigging we asked Jamie to play bass to complete the band.”

Describing their sound as “high energy Indie rock”, Prentice says FOAF’s influences are post-grunge/punk, particularly mentioning Blink 182 and The View, the latter with whom they have toured.

“We feel the Hebridean music scene is absolutely fantastic and is great at supporting bands in many different genres and styles. There is a great family feel in the Hebridean music scene and we hope that this would extend further to other places.”

Following their September Stornoway gig, Friend of a Friend will head back to the studio to record a new EP. They’ve recently released a demo of a song called ‘Carolina’, and are in demand across the country as they showpiece music both original in style and raw.

“We are gigging as much as we can so keep your eyes open.

“Our roots as a Scottish band are incredibly important to us.”

Friend of a Friend play Woodland’s Centre, September 5th. Follow them at Twitter account: @foafofficial