Comedian Susie wants to be a Born Believer as she heads to Stornoway

Comedian Susie McCabe will be bringing her brand of comedy to Stornoway in October.
Comedian Susie McCabe will be bringing her brand of comedy to Stornoway in October.

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which wowed audiences and earned rave reviews, comedian, Susie McCabe is taking her show ‘Born Believer’ on tour around the UK this October.

Susie will also be stopping off in the Isles, as she will be performing at An Lanntair arts centre, Stornoway on October 16th.

This rising star of the UK stand-up scene, who has supported the likes of Jason Manford, Zoe Lyons and Stewart Francis along the way, has been the fastest-selling act at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival for three years in succession.

Not a natural optimist, Susie is determined to prove - during this tour - that she can change her disposition from cynical to positive.

She explained: “It’s very difficult when you’ve spent 40 years living in the west coast of Scotland because optimism does not come naturally to us.

“I did a show before called ‘There Is More To Life Than Happiness’, which asked whether happiness is over-rated; I think there is an element of that in the Scottish psyche.

“I’m going to try and be positive, though it’s going to be a struggle.

“The British in general are pretty miserable. I spent two months in Australia and they’re so happy. The world is upside down just now, but this show is about why I think that everything is going to be alright.”

Glaswegian Susie is what you might call an ‘optimistic cynic’, adept at ranting about the flaws and f*k ups of society and humanity, but with a warm cheeriness that tugs at the firmest, coldest heartstrings.

Susie McCabe’s rise through the ranks of stand-up has been nothing short of meteoric.

Her brilliant storytelling, acute observations and killer punchlines have made her one of the most sought-after performers in the UK – and earned her not one but two accolades at the 2019 Scottish Comedy Awards: Best Headliner and Best Solo Show.

Susie can regularly be found compering and headlining at top comedy clubs all over the UK, such as Glee and The Stand.

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