Isabelle Bain lands precious Traditional Gold medal at the Mod

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Prizes and silverware at Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail have walked hand in hand with Isabelle Bain since she began competing as an eight-year-old.

Fast forward a few years and the now 22-year-old is the proud holder of the Traditional Ladies Gold Medal as it makes it way to her family mantlepiece which must be creaking under the weight of Mòd success.

“It was so nice to win the traditional medal,” smiled Isabelle happilly.

Having qualified for the traditional final in the morning’s competition in first place, clinching the Moray Trophy at the same time, Isabelle admits she went into the televised final in a fairly relaxed mood.

“It was nice to win in the morning but regarldess of that I don’t think there is any pressure going into these big finals as anything can happen on any night,” she explained.

“I was happy with how I sung in the final and I just wanted to go out and sing my best and not focus on anything else.”

Also part of the triumphant Lorn Shield winning Còisir Sgìr’ a’ Bhac, Isabelle is plotting a well earned break from sining although there is one missing colour from her Mòd rainbow.

“Yes, I still haven’t won the gold medal,” laughed Isabelle, “and I think I probably will try and win that eventually. I’m not sure when yet and I’ll take a wee break just now but I will be in Inverness next year with the choir anyway.

“For the Gold? We’ll see.”