New Series Of Children’s Books Celebrates All Things Island

Susy Macaulay with a young reader of her book. Photo by Cathie Ann MacSween.
Susy Macaulay with a young reader of her book. Photo by Cathie Ann MacSween.

A new series of children’s books has been launched in Uist, celebrating island culture, traditions and way of life.

Seumas and Mairi Adventures in Uist features little twins Seumas and Mairi who travel to Uist to spend time with their Granny and Grandpa each summer.

The first in the series, Sorry, You’re Too Wee! has just been launched and is now available in isles and mainland retail outlets, as well as online on Amazon and Kindle.

The series is written by Uist-based journalist Susy Macaulay and published by Meadowsweet Press, and imprint of her company Island News & Advertiser.

She said: “I’ve been touched at the way the book has been welcomed by our community.

“The first print run we did sold out in less than three weeks, and requests have now come in from mainland outlets such as The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool, Beauly Post Office and Waterstones, Inverness.”

She added: “The book is now travelling around the world this Christmas with grandparents that I know of taking them to the US, Canada and Australia.

“One lady told me that her mainland grandchildren love the story and call it ‘the holiday book.’

“Another said she had read the book over Facetime to her eight year old granddaughter in Florida, who then insisted that she bring the book over with her for Christmas. As an author, you couldn’t ask for more.”

In Sorry, You’re Too Wee! the twins visit the Highland Games. Succeeding stories will involve the twins at other cultural landmarks in the islands, and exploring other aspects like archaeology and natural history.

Susy chose fine arts and architecture student Kirsty Arwa to illustrate her books.

She said: “Although she’s not from the islands I chose Kirsty for her ability to capture the innocence of childhood in her drawings, something I feel strongly about. We’re really excited by the warm response to the first book and looking forward to bringing the next one out.”

Susy is now exploring routes to have Sorry, You’re Too Wee! made available in Gaelic, French and Japanese.

The second in the series, Light Fluffy Pancakes will be launched in Spring 2017, with a further title planned for October 2017.