Nicknames - part of our culture

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Trusadh - Sloinneadh/Far-ainmean (Patronymics & Nicknames) airs on Monday 24 April from 9 to 10pm

The programme explores who we are and where we come from, as although used the world over, Patronymics and Nicknames have a special place in the culture of the Highland & Islands.

Alan Campbell from Skye takes a trip to explore the rich diversity and sharp wit and humour that lies at their heart.

He heads from Skye to Lewis, Uist, Barra and Sutherland to hear of the vital part that these unique names played in communities and villages in the past, and explores their use now, and there are plenty of great stories and laughs along the way.

The programme also looks at how it fits in to a European context with a look at the Dutch and Icelandic Patronymics, with Sally Magnusson revealing her family’s own personal take on it.

A fascinating look at the world of Patronymics & Nicknames