Rejuvenation of the Lewis War Memorial

An image of the memorial from the early days.
An image of the memorial from the early days.

It’s tough to maintain a beautiful exterior as the years go by and the Lewis War Memorial, dating from 1924, has been feeling the impact of the years.

But the work to repair and restore this iconic Stornoway landmark is progressing well.

Among the areas to be addressed are repairs of the pointing, stone and window replacement, restoration work will also take place on the turrets and the turret steps, entrance door ceiling and slit windows.

The internal work will expose the inner rubble stone surfaces and there will be work to the staircase.

It is believed that the work will be ongoing over the summer and once complete it is hoped that there will be public access up to a certain level.

It is hoped the outcome will secure this valued building in the Stornoway landscape for many generations to come.