Rocket Post is ready to take off on tour

A letter with the Rocket Post stamp. Picture courtesy of Museum nan Eilean.
A letter with the Rocket Post stamp. Picture courtesy of Museum nan Eilean.

Ever heard the expression ‘reach for the stars’? Back in 1934, that’s just what German rocket engineer Gerhard Zucker did with his radical new idea for delivering letters at high speed over long distances - ROCKETS!

Next stop: the Western Isles, and the scene of a dramatic experiment to send two rockets full of letters on a 1600 metre flight path between the isles of Harris and Scarp.

On the 28th and the 31st July Gerhard launches his rockets. On both occasions the rockets go up in flames.

His vision for the future of communication explodes into thousands of tiny pieces that fall through the sky like rain.

Back to the drawing board for Gerhard. But maybe, one day, his vision will be realised.

A fantastically fun new show for everyone aged six plus, Rocket Post is equal parts play, gig and hoedown.

Full of humour, heart and hope for the future, it’s a tale of miscommunication, vaulting ambition and the joyous discoveries that can happen when everything goes wrong.

Rocket Post also playfully tells an extraordinary real story, celebrating one man’s ambitious endeavour and how an island community responded.

The Rocket Post, a film that tells the story of Gerhard Zucker and his rocket mail experiments, was made in Scotland and distributed in 2004.

The film went onto win the Festival Grand Prize at the Stonybrook Film Festival in New York.

Lewis Hetherington is a celebrated playwright and theatre-maker based in Scotland.

His previous acclaimed collaborations with Ailie Cohen include The Secret Life of Suitcases and Cloud Man.

Rocket Post opens at An Lanntair in Stornoway on September 23rd 2017.

The National Theatre of Scotland will then continue its commitment by touring across the country to reach many rural and geographically diverse communities .

Keep an eye out for news about other tour dates next year.