Angie 'as jammy as ever' wins angling trophey!


Last Saturday it was the turn of the senior members of Stornoway Sea Angling Club to fish their monthly competition.

It was held on the West Side, fishing mainly out from Dalbeg and Dalmore - sometimes nearly reaching Shawbost.

The weather was fine and calm, with the afternoon a bit warmer and sunnier, with only a moderate swell. In fact it was too calm in the morning, with no wind and no tide. Fishing was pretty slow with only a few haddock, coalies and lythe to keep us going.

However, the afternoon was better, with more haddock, whiting, cod and the odd ling showing up - though Angie 'Mopp' was as jammy as ever, winkling out a tusk and a megrim to give him some valuable species points at the end of the day.

Angie 'Mopp' was the winner of the competition with 130.9 points and 30 fish for 18.45 kg. In second place was CJ Buchanan with 117 points and 32 fish for 19.50 kg, and in third place was John Nicolson with 101.9 points and 27 fish for 19.45 kg.

Next Saturday the seniors are out to fish the June competition, again on the West Side. All names and money to the club as usual.

On Saturday, June 26, the club ladies have their day out, which by all accounts is enjoyed by all, and once the juniors go on their summer holiday at the end of the month we will have them out on weekdays to catch up with their delayed competitions.

Also, there are evening trips going on, and anyone who is interested should keep in touch with the club.