Busy fixture list for 2004 season

April monthly

With winter now coming to an end, all anglers' minds will be focusing on the new fishing season.

Our first trip of the year will be down to the Shiant Isles for our annual lythe-bashing session, which will be on Saturday, April 3, leaving the pier at 8am sharp!

As usual, there will be a list up in the clubhouse and anyone who is interested can add their names to it.

The list of competition dates are as follows: Monthlies — April 3, May 1, June 12, July 3, August 14, September 11, October 2. Club Championships — July 17. Ladies' Day — June 26. Species Competition — August 21. Shore Competition — November 6. Western Isles (Open) — July 30-31. Cod Championships — August 28.

It would be nice to see a good turn-out for the first monthly, so everyone, dig out your jelly worms, redgills and other assorted lures and give it a bash, and hopefully a good day out shall be had by all!