Wee Studio to open Benbecula studio

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Stornoway’s well established and respected Wee Studio is going bigger with exciting new plans to open a sister studio in Benbecula.

The new recording studio, to be named ‘Wee Studio’s Bunker’ will open in June and will be based within the East Trust’s nuclear bunker.

The new studio will be directly connected to Wee Studio in Stornoway via internet connection.

Offering many of the same services as in the original Wee Studio, the new bunker will allow visitors to the new Benbecula studio the chance of expert audio and video recording, PA hire, music lessons and tutorials, a music venue and musician rehearsal space.

Admitting the new move is a ‘giant leap forward’, Wee Studio owner Keith Morrison is undeniably excited ahead of the new venture.

He said: “We are looking to connect with all local musicians, video creators, music teachers, venues and event organisers.

“Wee Studio’s ethos is to work together with all existing talent to create a thriving music scene.

“We encourage anyone who would like to be involved to get in touch.

“Wee Studio has been open in Stornoway for nearly 10 years. In that time the music scene of Lewis and Harris has come on leaps and bounds.

“We have been able to assist young musicians follow their musical aspirations and grown alongside them.

“As well as secure funding for the up and coming musical artists. For this project growth funds were secured through Business Gateway and OHSBAS.

“We have a big plan to help creative people in the Outer Hebrides get closer to realising their dreams of following their creative passion while being able to live on the islands.

“The introduction of fibre optic internet speeds to the island and this creative hub will enable people to both work together locally and work internationally.”

Keith continued: “There is a lot of worry at the moment about talented, enthusiastic people leaving the islands.

“We feel that everyone, including local businesses need to take risks and pull our weight to make our islands a more attractive place to live and work.

“This is the start of a larger ambition of Wee Studio to make a real change and help people and families create a better life for themselves.”

Wee Studio’s Bunker will be open for bookings June 1st 2017. The studio can be contacted via email, telephone or Facebook: