Video: The runaway cows came over the hill ...

Residents and people familiar with Scotland will no doubt be aware of the classic postcard which has a picture of a flock of sheep on a road with the caption ‘Scottish traffic jam’.

But what about a herd of cows holding up your morning drive to work?

West Lothian resident Adam Kelly encountered precisely that on his way to work on Monday, posting a short video of the mayhem on a residential street in Mid Calder.

In the ten-second clip, a number of cows are seen running down a road, closely pursued by a police van and, a little bit behind that, the unlucky farmer, in a chase reminiscent of Benny Hill.

Posted with the caption ‘Couldn’t have asked for a better commute to work this morning’, the video has been shared over 2,600 times and viewed nearly 234,000 times.

One person who appeared to know the farmer in the video said that a fence had been vandalised, allowing the cows to escape from their field.