Sunshine on Kevin as festival announces a new patron

Popular Scottish actor Kevin Guthrie has been named as a patron of the inaugural Scottish Youth Film Festival.
Kevin Guthrie (pictured centre) has been named as a patron of the Scottish Youth Film FestivalKevin Guthrie (pictured centre) has been named as a patron of the Scottish Youth Film Festival
Kevin Guthrie (pictured centre) has been named as a patron of the Scottish Youth Film Festival

Kevin, who is best known for his appearance in Sunshine on Leith, says he’s thrilled to be involved in the festival which will feature short films made by young people from across Scotland as well as workshops, talks, events, special screenings and an awards ceremony.

West Lothian’s Kevin will be joined by author and fellow patron Lisa Ballantyne at the event in Armadale Academy on November 20-22.

Guthrie said: “I’m really delighted to support the Scottish Youth Film Festival.

“I think it is a wonderful opportunity for a younger generation to be able to present and express themselves with stories.

“Film in particular allows very specific stories to be told in an artistic and creative way which taps into the emotional depth of young people. I am really looking forward to attending the festival and seeing what stories the young people come up with.”

And he urged young people to come forward and submit their films into the festival. He added: “If you’ve got a story that you want to tell then please don’t hesitate to bring your film forward.

“It’s not about getting it right or wrong - it is about self expression.

“You’ve put in the work and you deserve for people to see it.

“So bring it forward, and let us see it.”

Festival organiser Scott Mackay said: “I couldn’t be happier.

“Lisa and Kevin come from different art forms but both embody what can be achieved by simply refusing to give up on your hopes and aspirations.

“We have two patrons who exemplify the very soul of the festival.”

The organisers hope that the festival will bring young Scottish creators together with other industry professionals and are partnering with organisations such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, GMAC and Edinburgh International Film Festival, who will be in attendance at the weekend offering help and advice to interested youngsters.

A festival for film

Scottish Youth Film Festival is produced by David Barras and Scott Mackay, with support from National Lottery Young Start fund.

The festival takes place at Armadale Academy from November 20-22 and features films by young people up to the age of 19. All films are free to attend.

Go to Scottish Youth Film Festival to find out more.

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