Western Isles Council SNP Group opposed council tax rise

Western Isles Council’s SNP Group stood up for island families and tried to prevent a 4.79% council tax rise at yesterday’s (Wednesday) Budget Setting meeting but were defeated by the Comhairle Leader and other councillors.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 21st February 2019, 11:02 am
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 11:06 am

The SNP group had earlier arranged an open meeting with independent councillors to discuss their planned amendment, which included reinstatement of concessionary fares across the Sounds of Barra and Harris and a request for a report on simplified planning zones to help development by cutting bureaucracy.

SNP group leader, councillor Gordon Murray praised councillors Donald Manford and Calum Macmillan who proposed and seconded the amendment on behalf of the group.

Cllr Murray said after the meeting: “I’m very proud of the work that Cllrs Manford and Macmillan put into this amendment, trying hard to protect people from a rise of nearly 5% in the council tax and attempting to help development with simplified planning zones.

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“Our council has one of the highest levels of unearmarked balances in Scotland and has also gone through a restructuring process resulting in senior council chiefs getting substantial pay rises - I don’t think it’s fair to be raising the council tax under these circumstances.”

Councillors who voted to impose a 4.79% council tax increase

Roddie Mackay

Norman Macdonald

Charlie Nicolson

Uisdean Robertson

Angus Mccormack

Alasdair macleod

Angus Morrison

Donald Crichton

Kenny John macleod

Norman Macdonald

Ranald Fraser

John n Macleod

Finlay Stewart

Roddy Mackay

Iain m macleod

Paul Steele

Iain m Macaulay

Neil Mackay

Keith Dodson

John Mackay

Paul Finnegan