Councillor has joined Alba party citing it's his duty and a privilege.

Cllr Calum MacMillan has joined the Alba partyCllr Calum MacMillan has joined the Alba party
Cllr Calum MacMillan has joined the Alba party
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Councillor, Calum MacMillan has joined the Alba Party. Cllr. MacMillan represents the South Uist, Eriskay, Barra and Vatersay Ward in Comhairle.

Cllr MacMillan, served as deputy of the SNPs Comhairle Group, and now continues to work in Comhairle with SNP councillors to progress projects and facilities which improve the lives and economic outlook of constituents across the Islands.

Cllr. Mac Millan said that addressing the system designed to exclude the aspirations of all who support the principle of a nation for Scots as his principal reason for joining Alba p arty and considers his support of the Alba p arty a duty and a privilege.

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He stated: “The Alba p arty has an ideal purpose in seeking to gain a parliamentary presence from the list system to the benefit of all Scots.”

He confirmed his continued support to SNP candidate Dr Alasdair Allan in the constituency vote and confirmed his support to the Alba p arty in the Regional List vote.

Cllr Mac Millan stated that ‘Albert Einstein and quantum arithmetic would fail to make sense of the manifest bias against Independence incorporated into the Scottish Parliament electoral process.

He continued: “Having Alba Party candidates on the Regional List to compliment SNP candidates in each constituency will help independence-minded MSPs into the Scottish Parliament.”

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As a director of the community owned South Uist Estates he considers the principle of crofting tenure extremely suitable for being extended, justified by the fact that people do still live on c rofts whereas sporting estates are completely devoid of people.

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