Last days beckon for oilrig

This is the “Northern Producer” oilrig on her way to get de-commissioned in Kishorn, Wester Ross, a fabrication yard familiar to many in the islands and which has just been given a new lease of life.

Sunday, 25th April 2021, 1:38 pm
The "Northern Producer" oilrig just off the Butt of Lewis on a hazy morning. The Sutherland hills form an impressive backdrop.

The photo was taken by Ali Finlayson from the village of Skigersta in Ness on a hazy morning, with the Sutherland hills forming an impressive backdrop.

Co-incidentally, two long-standing members of the rig’s crew, Calum MacLean and his nephew Murdo, are Skigersta lads, with Calum having been on it for 24 years and Murdo for 15.

The Norwegian semi submersible started production in 1976 and was stationed in the North Sea.