How to add your loved ones to the Remember Me online memorial in honour of those who died from coronavirus

The site will honour the thousands who have lost their lives to coronavirus (Photo: Other 3rd Party)The site will honour the thousands who have lost their lives to coronavirus (Photo: Other 3rd Party)
The site will honour the thousands who have lost their lives to coronavirus (Photo: Other 3rd Party)

The coronavirus outbreak has been devastating in many ways, forcing everyone across the UK to adopt a different way of life in an effort to stay safe.

While the virus has caused disruption to travel plans, working and home lives, many have had to deal with the ultimate loss - having to say goodbye to a loved one.

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In honour of the thousands who have lost their lives in the UK to coronavirus, a new online memorial has been launched so that people can pay their tributes to those who have died.

What is Remember Me?

Remember Me is an online book of remembrance for people who have died in the UK as a result of coronavirus.

The website launched on Friday (22 May) and can be contributed to by people of all faiths and beliefs.

How does the memorial site work?

From 22 May, family, friends and carers of those who have died can submit the name and photograph of their loved one, along with a short message in their memory, through the Remember Me website.

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The person who died must have been living in the UK to be added, and the website will remain open for entries for as long as needed.

It is completely free of charge to make a contribution to the site.

His Royal Highness (HRH) The Prince of Wales has shown his support for the unique project, recording a special message in honour of the launch.

HRH said: “This virtual book of remembrance is here to help us remember; not just to recall our loss and sorrow, but also to be thankful for everything good that those we have loved brought into our lives, and all that they have given to others”.

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Will the memorial just be online?

While submissions to the memorial have to be made online, it is intended that the Remember Me website will later become a physical memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Designs for a new inner porch in the North transept have been approved and, subject to funding, this will serve as a fitting memorial for all those who have died as a result of the pandemic.

St Paul’s Cathedral helped to launch the online book of remembrance on Friday (22 May), and the choristers of the cathedral have recorded a special piece of music to serve as an anthem for the memorial.

The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Very Reverend David Ison, said: “For centuries, St Paul's Cathedral has been a place to remember the personal and national impact of great tragedies, from the losses of war to the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire.

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“We have heard so many sad stories of those affected by the pandemic, and all our thoughts and prayers are with them. Every person is valued and worthy of remembrance.

“We are all experiencing the devastating impacts of Covid-19 across the country and beyond.

“Remember Me is an opportunity to mourn every person we have lost to the effects of this terrible disease, an encouragement to offer compassion and support to those left behind, and an ongoing recognition of the impact of the pandemic on the UK.”

If you wish to make a contribution to the website in honour of a loved one, visit