Showcase your home to buyers with these virtual viewing hacks

People looking to sell their home  must make sure it looks its best to attract potential buyers.

With many sellers reluctant to let outsiders through the door for viewing  for fear of spreading coronavirus, virtual viewings are coming into their own.

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Here are a few tips if you are thinking of showcasing your home digitally:

Make a video tour

Showing off your home with an audio description is a great way for people to experience a viewing without going, but you have to make sure the camera work is professional looking and good quality.

Hold a Zoom call

This will allow potential buyers to ask you questions and let them feel like they know more about the house.

Plan the timing

Whether you’re filming a tour or doing a Zoom call plan the timing so the lighting in your home is extra special and illuminates the property.

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Detailed pictures

With viewings being more difficult to arrange, you want to make sure your photos for selling are as clear and detailed as possible.

Be honest

People not being able to inspect your property in person will make them more likely to be suspicious that you could be leaving things out of the virtual viewing. Some honesty will go a long way to show viewers that you're trustworthy and someone they would want to buy from.

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